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Pentiques is a professional vintage fountain pen repair and restoration service center.  We also offer a fine selection of vintage and high end contemporary writing instruments.  We are and one of a select few full time fountain pen service centers still around. 

We are the ONLY fountain pen service center in the world to feature a web feed so you can watch as we work through our repair & restoration queue or review previous repair sessions through our archive.  

Established in 1997, we have restored thousands of fine writing writing instruments - all makes, all models. We are not a part-time hobbyist restorer or picker who throws a bladder in a fountain pen and advertises for sale as "restored." 

Every writing instrument we offer has been personally restored by my hand and tested for function and flow. 

We stand behind every vintage fountain pen we service and / or sell for a period of one year from invoice date this includes: all restoration work, and any parts used to affect the repair (if applicable) read more...

Waterman Nib Repair

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Recent Fountain Pen Repair & Restoration of Eversharp Dorics
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Archived Webcam Fountain Pen Repair Sessions

There are a number of things Aaron does around the house very well, carpet stretching is not one of them. However, that did not stop him from running out this spring and renting a power stretcher - how hard could it be. He searched on Google, watched a You Tube video and proceeded to rip the carpet! I really enjoyed reminding him how I warned him to leave it to the professionals. 

This gave me pause, as I thought about what we do here at Pentiques.com. We are a professional fountain pen repair and restoration service center, full-time for the past four years and part time since 1997. I know there are a number of you who think, it's just a pen, how hard could it be to put in a new bladder or adjust the ink flow myself.... Pentiques has the only pen repair and restoration HD webcam and we archive broadcasts from our workbench for our clients viewing entertainment, but just like Aaron's crude attempt at carpet stretching, a quick video or Google search is by no means a substitute for years of experience and thousands of restored writing instruments.

When it comes to your fountain pens - leave it to the professionals at Pentiques.


Parker 33 Eyedropper Restoration

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