Pen Repair Testimonials


The work Aaron Svabik you did on my two pens, the Shaeffer Lifetime and pearl dip pen is marvelous!  And your personal attention and speedy service are added bonuses. It is such a pleasure to do business with a family that works with “old-fashioned” values and craftsmanship.

I want to thank you, Aaron Svabik, for another great job on the Mont Blanc and Sheaffer you just repaired for me.  The old Sheaffer couldn't have looked any better when new. I went through some old records a few nights ago and I've had approximately 18 pens repaired by your shop.  Pentiques will always be my first choice when it comes to any kind of pen repairs.

Thanks for the prompt response Aaron, service in our business just as in your business separates the customer driven companies from those who say they are, but in reality will get to it after a few donuts and a couple of mugs of coffee!
- Sincerely, Tom


I ordered the Waterman 52 Red Ripple from you for my Dad for Father's Day. Thank you so much for came right on time, and frankly looked even better in person than it did in your pictures.
My father, who is not an easy man to please with his pens, is in love it seems, saying that he has a new favorite. I got a chance to write with it, and must say, it is perfect. Thank you so much for you help and for the wonderful pen!

Arthur N.
I received the pens and your work as always is fantastic, customer relations and turnaround is the best since I have been in the pen business.

Jim T. have one very satisfied customer who will be singing your praises to anybody who has the good sense to use a fountain pen.

Bill C.
Thank you very much for a great job on my old Parker 51. It is working beautifully now. This is especially impressive to me because within the last two years it has been worked on by two of the biggest mail-order pen places, but it was never quite satisfactory until you worked on it. I really appreciate your good work, and also your exceptionally fast service. I am afraid, however, that as you become better known, it will be hard to keep up that fast turnaround. But thank you very much for that and your exceptionally good skill.

Dan Z.
I just so impressed with your repair work. And as an experienced collector, I am not without some some skills of my own. The pens you repaired are a joy to write with. Keep up the great work.

Jack H.
Your customer service posture, and focus on the needs of the customer are exceptional. I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much I appreciate your work. Your expertise is evidenced in the way by pens fill and write and your price is more than fair.

Jeff L.
...the work you've done is amazing. The True Blue was a basket case, needing inscription removal, new filler mechanism, new ink sack, overall cleaning and a replacement nib. It looked like an almost 80 year old pen. Now, aside from the naturally aged looking section, the pen appears and works as if it is brand new.

The Parker 61 capillary version needed a crack in the section stabilized, and new section ring and some plastic repaired that had become melted from bang stored too long in a hot car. The pen looks wonderful, draws ink and writes again! It was my mother's pen and if she were still alive to thank you, I'm sure she would! So I will.

All of this detailed work cost less than two tanks of gas for an SUV. And will now the pens will rise in collectable value as quickly as a barrel of light sweet crude oil.

I will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs this type of work done, and will be sending you more pens in the future.

David G.
In March 2004 you did some repairs/restoration for me. I sent three pens: my personal pen and two I had bought on eBay. One of the eBay purchases was a black Sheaffer Snorkel with an F6 Fine Palladuim Silver nib which I guessed to be about a 1950's or 1960's model. You emailed me to say that it appeared never to have been inked and you would suggest not doing anything to it. I have never forgotten your honesty and integrity because you could have easily done nothing and charged me for the work. I too always try to be honest and above board in my personal dealings and admire such a characteristic in others.

I wish you and Kim great success in your business and if I ever need your services again you can bet I will be in touch.

Gene S.
Ok. I know what pens I sent you, but are you certain you returned MY pens? If not, someone out there is going to be quite miffed that you traded their new pens for my older scruffy ones! Every single one of them looks absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe that you got the engravings off the pencil without leaving so much as a groove. I'm flabbergasted. Beautiful work, yet again.

John B.
My five pens came in yesterday's mail, and they write and look great. Thank you. The black Parker Vac, when I bought it, looked nothing like it does now. Cleaning, polishing, restoring, and its new nib have brought out all its potential. Thank you again, Aaron. You do fantastic work!

Keith P.
I want to let you know that I received the three pens you repaired for me. They look great and I am using the Parker Big Red and it writes like a dream. I shall certainly send you other pens as the need arises. Thanks!

Alan L.
I received the pen yesterday and it's great. Thank you for the great service and very rapid turnaround. Have a great and safe 4th of July.

David N.
I got my little Sheaffer yesterday. It is gorgeous! Shines like new. I haven't inked it up yet, but I'm sure the new 33 nib will be wonderful as well. Thank you for your work on this old, worn-out pen, you've really made it into something special! Thank you for your work and your fine customer support. You have another happy customer!

William B.
The work you did for me: repairing vintage Chilton's, was extraordinary. Not many repairers/restorers are willing to tackle a vintage pneumatic fountain pen, since they rarely see them. Your repair work was top notch and the turn around time and price were as advertised. I highly recommend your work and you can look forward to my future pen needs.

Doug U.
I searched the Internet for someone to restore my Schaeffer Balance plunger filler. One reputable repair site never replied to my email. Another repairman was quick to reply, but denied my request, saying he didn't do plunger fillers because of the risk of permanently damaging the cellulose exterior of the pen. By contrast, Aaron replied immediately and confirmed that he could easily do the repair. The process was completely seamless with great communication and no surprises. And, I must say, I was quite impressed by how quickly the pen was returned to me and the excellent job he had done. If you were worried about finding the right guy to repair your pen(s), your search is over. Aaron is the real deal and I recommend him without reservation. You just don't get this kind of "old world" service anymore.

Larry S.
I just received the PFM you restored. You did an excellent job. The pen looks like it almost new.

Mark K.
I am completely satisfied with how that repair turned out. I have done minor repairs on various old lever fillers and vacumatics, but I'd rather trust a "pro" with that Triumph nib and what felt like a solidly frozen filling system on that Sheaffer. Crack repairs were also beyond me.

Cisco J.
Once again, you rock! Your service is dependable, top-quality, and professional. I always feel confident I'm getting proper work done! Best of all it's done so expeditiously. I truly appreciate your wonderful work-ethic.

Gadjo C.
I was thoroughly delighted to see my two pens come in today. I was astonished, they are like new again and with the engraving removed I can hardly recognize them. Your worksmanship and attention to detail has made these pens truly wonderful writing instruments. The restoration is simply awesome to behold. Even my wife though I had purchased new pens and when I inked them and wrote with them they were like magic. Trust that I will be sending more your way, you are amazing.

Jon H.
Please add me to your roster of gushingly happy clients. I don't know whether to talk first about your beautiful restoration work, on the one hand, or your stunning turnaround speed, on the other. (So I'll just praise both.) My old desk pen is like new... and it's a real delight to write with. Knowing I can rely on you has given me renewed confidence to search out other collectible pens, on eBay and elsewhere. I look forward to the opportunity to do business with you again soon. Again: many, many thanks. In a world of empty promises, it's a rare privilege to encounter a craftsman with a true commitment to excellence and service.

Carl K.
The work you did on my Onyx Patrician and Big Red Duofold was amazing! I am using the Duofold now as a daily writer and the Patrican is put away. There will be more pens coming your way for sure. Quite a fast turnaround! Shipped them out on Tuesday and got them back on Saturday!! Thanks again!

Jose D.
Aaron, I am really happy with your work, your honesty and responsibility and professionalism...

Kenneth R.
A man of his word "Honor lies in honest toil".

Kelson B.
I was very surprised today to find the pen I sent you in the mailbox. The earliest you could have gotten it was Monday and here it is back home on Thursday. Impressive. Also impressive is your work. Thanks so much. You will definitely be receiving more pens from me in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Phillip J. H.
I want to acknowledge your voicemail message this evening (at 10:30p.m. EDT!!) advising that you have completed your work on the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck and Parker 51 and are sending them back tomorrow. I very much look forward to receiving the pens, and want to say even before they arrive how impressed I am by the blinding speed of the repair work.

Bob D.
I wanted to write to you and say how impressed that I am with the quality and speed of your work. Inside of a week I had a brand new pen. My old Parker "parkete" never looked so good. Thank you, job well done!

Donald J. P.
I'm just a pen collector, not a dealer, and I use all the pens I buy--if intermittently. Rest assured, I will send you all the other pens I buy on E-Bay or Pen-bid for restoration. You do very good work at a very fair price. Wonderful service--and please feel free to use my comments on your website. I'm a University of Oklahoma history professor who grew up using fountain pens and never lost my love for them.

Lois M.
Thanks so much for the beautiful work on my Grandfather's pens. It is nice to know there are still craftsmen out there.

Dennis L. M.
Aaron has restored over twenty antique pens from my collection. These pens range from inexpensive, relatively unknown makers up through and including a couple of oversized Wahl's and Waterman Patricians. Regardless of the value of the pen restored, I have found his work to be consistent and of the highest craftsman's like quality. His attention to detail is superb, and the turnaround time is impressive by its regularity. I would confidently send Aaron any pen I own for repair, and recommend his service to others.

Herb K.
Excellent work done very quickly. I buy a lot of "fixer uppers" and the work; Aaron does it great!

Stephen G.
I can't say enough about the restorations you've done for me. The Parker 51 looks and writes like a brand new pen. It's a constant companion now. The Wahl-Eversharp [Re-Blacked] looks great, it probably didn't write this good when it was new. It is now a permanent fixture on my desk at home. As long as you're in business I'll probably never buy another new pen.

Fr. Mark
Thanks very much for your fine work in repairing/restoring the three pens I sent to you. I've never experienced such fast turnaround! And the restoration is excellent. The Black Vac is most pleasurable to use again, and I am quite amazed at what you were able to do with the old Gregg and Waterman pens. I really love the old Gregg, and it's great to be able to use it anew. I'll recommend you very highly to anyone who would wish to inquire with me.

Tom F.
The pens arrived yesterday and, as expected, they look and write great! I am more grateful that you can imagine for the beautiful job you did restoring the Parker Vacumatic set. I've carried it around for almost 50 years hoping someday I'd find a way to breathe life back into it. That you were able to replace the jewel on the pen was a special surprise. Thanks again.
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