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We are a Professional Fountain Pen Repair & Restoration Service Center; this is what we do - Full Time!  Since 1997, we have restored thousands of Vintage Writing Instruments and apprenticed with the best in the world. We are proficient will all filling systems and their delicate nuances. A proper restoration involves more than replacing a bladder and a bit of polish. These are your investments; trust them to a professional.

Fountain Pen Repair and Restoration is what we do; honesty and integrity is how we do business. We are the only Fountain Pen Service Center that welcomes you to watch your writing instruments undergo the repair and restoration process. Our live streaming, repair sessions are a very clear statement of our competence and the confidence we have in what we do. All our work is warranted for a period of one year from date of service.

Process for sending Fountain Pens for Repair or Restoration

Turnaround Options:
Normal - 2-3 Weeks - listed Price
Fast Track - 5 Business Days @ + 50%
Express - Next Business Day @ + 100%

FAQ - How is it your repair turnaround is 2-3 weeks while others are between 4 months - a year...

Answer: To our knowledge, we are the only full-time fountain pen repair and restoration facility in the United States.  This is what we do all day; everyday, full-time since 2005!


Fountain Pen Restoration Services

Typical Restoration includes (but not limited to): replacement of bladder, diaphragm, seals (as necessary), disassembly of nib / feed, clear ink channel, reassembly, flow testing and final polish to restore as close to original appearance as possible. We are extremely proficient in all filling systems, if not listed please inquire for quote

Restoration Services

Lever Fill $40
Cartridge Fill $40
Aerometric (Parker) $40
Button Fill $45
Vacumatic (Parker) $45
Capillary (Parker 61) $45
Vacuum Filler (Sheaffer) $50
Snorkel / PFM (Sheaffer) $50
Nozak (Conklin) $50
Piston Fill (Montblanc, others) $60
Onoto / Dunn $60
Safety (Waterman, others) $55
Pneumatic (Chilton, others) $50
Twist Fill (A.A. Waterman, others) $55
Touchdown (Sheaffer) $45

Other Common Repair / Restoration Services

Crack Repairs $40
Re-Black Hard Rubber / Ebonite $40
Parker 75 Stripped Section Repair $35
Engraving Removal - non-metal pens $40
Straighten Bent Tines* $40
Sprung Clip Repair $20
Lever Box Replacement (labor only) $35
PARTS, PARTS, PARTS - we have 'em vary

pricing effective 1/1/14


Bench Fee: at our discretion, a bench fee of $15 per pen will apply if the pen is deemed non-repairable.  This fee recovers time spent in disassembly and assessment and diagnosis and re-assembly of a pen. We are able to restore 99% of the pens that arrive at our pen repair service facility, we reserve this fee for the 1% of pens that we invest an hour or so in only to find they cannot be repaired.

Broken, damaged or missing we can take care of it. From cap lip replacement to the manufacture of an ebonite eyedropper cap... and everything in between. Before you give up hope, give us a call.
*we do not re-tip or re-grind. Please visit our partners page

Process for sending Fountain Pens for Repair or Restoration

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