Fountain Pen Repair and Restoration Services

Typical Restoration of your fountain pen includes (but not limited to): replacement of bladder, diaphragm, seals (as necessary), disassembly of nib / feed, clear ink channel, reassembly, flow testing and final polish to restore as close to original appearance as possible. We are extremely proficient in all filling systems, if not listed, please inquire for a quote.

Normal Turnaround 2 – 3 weeks: prices listed
Fast Track – 5 Business Days @ +50% listed price
Express – Next Business Day @ + 100% listed Price

Pen Restoration Service by Filling System

$50 – Lever Fill Fountain Pen
$50 – Cartridge / Converter Fill Fountain Pen
$50 – Parker 51 / 21 Aerometric Fill Fountain Pen
$50 – Button Fill Fountain Pen
$50 – Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen
$50 – Sheaffer Vacuum / Plunger Fill
$50 – Sheaffer Snorkel Fountain Pen
$50- Sheaffer Touchdown Fountain Pen
$60 – Conklin Nozak Fountain Pen
$65 – Montblanc Piston Fill Fountain Pens
$65 – Piston Fill Fountain Pens
$60 – Waterman Safety Fountain Pens
$60 – Chilton Pneumatic Fountain Pen
$60 – AA Waterman Twist Fill Fountain Pen

Other Common Repair / Restoration Fees:
$45 and up – Re-Black Ebonite Pens
$45 – Parker 75 Stripped Section Repair
$45 and up – Engraving Removal
$ 50 and up – Nib Straightening Repair

Bench Fee:
At our discretion, a bench fee of $15 per pen will apply if the pen is deemed non-repairable. This fee recovers labor spent in review, assessment and reassembly of the pen. We are able to restore the vast majority of fountains pens received for repair or restoration, we reserve this fee only for the rare cases where we invest an hour or so only to discover the pen can not be repaired.